The Jacket in Rust is a mid-tier piece of armor designed to provide your character with enhanced protection compared to basic gear. It delivers substantial projectile resistance, safeguarding you from ranged attacks better than the more common wooden armor. The Jacket also introduces significant melee resistance, a defensive attribute that remains consistent even as you upgrade to higher-level armor such as the metal chest plate. Ideal for players looking to strike a balance between mobility and defense, the Jacket represents an upgrade on the defensive side without the weight of the heaviest armors.

Stylistically, the Jacket fits into the rustic aesthetic of Rust, giving your survivor a rugged look while improving survivability. In terms of utility, it’s a preferred choice for players who are past the initial stages of gathering and building, and are ready to face off against more advanced threats. Whether it's from NPC enemies or hostile players, the Jacket provides a vital layer of protection that can mean the difference between life and death in Rust’s unforgiving environment.

To make the most out of the Jacket, pair it with complementary gear, such as a helmet and pants that also offer resistance to various damage types. Crafting or finding this armor can significantly improve your chances during conflicts and raids. Remember to maintain your jacket by repairing it as needed, ensuring you're always prepared for the battles that lie ahead on your Rust adventure.

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Workbench Level
Jacket Blueprint
7–30 sec
1 sec

Total crafting cost

Jacket Blueprint

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