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Wire Tool

Wire Tool

The Wire Tool in Rust is an essential item for players looking to set up and manage electrical systems. It allows you to connect various electrical components within the game by enabling you to draw wires between them. The Wire Tool is straightforward to use: simply aim at any electrical object, and you'll see the inputs and outputs light up, indicating where you can attach your wires.

When you've targeted an electrical connection, click the left mouse button (LMB) to attach a wire. Don't worry about obstructions; wires can pass through other items without any issues. If you need to disconnect a wire, just hover over the connection point and hold the right mouse button (RMB). During disconnection, you can also grab and immediately reattach the wire to a different point by holding the wire while pressing RMB.

Another useful feature is the color customization for wires, making organization simpler. By holding the R key, you can open a wire color wheel to choose different colors for your connections. This can help you keep track of complex setups. Remember, electrical components will grey out incompatible connections, so it's easy to tell which parts can't be linked because of their specific input or output requirements.

In summary, the Wire Tool is vital for base customization and security enhancement through the use of electrical gadgets. It's your go-to item for creating functional and intricate electronic circuits that can power lights, turrets, and other devices critical for survival in Rust.

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Wire Tool
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Wire Tool
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