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Incendiary Pistol Bullet

Incendiary Pistol Bullet

The Incendiary Pistol Bullet in Rust is a specialized type of ammunition designed for sidearms. It's a variant of the standard pistol bullet but offers a unique advantage: once it hits a target, it causes fire damage. This additional incendiary effect makes it more effective against certain armors, particularly Heavy Plate Armor, by dealing continuous damage over time. While it travels slower than a regular pistol bullet, the potential for sustained damage can make it a valuable choice in combat situations.

Players looking to optimize their arsenal should consider the tactical advantages of the Incendiary Pistol Bullet. When fired, it can create area denial effects, making it harder for opponents to move freely or camp in covered locations. Additionally, its fire damage over time can be crucial for flushing out enemies or securing a kill on armored targets that are otherwise resistant to standard bullets. However, users should also be aware that the slower speed of the bullet may require more precise aiming to compensate for its trajectory.

As a tool for both damage and strategic area control, the Incendiary Pistol Bullet is an essential choice for players aiming to enhance their offensive capabilities in Rust. It's also worth noting that these bullets can be crafted, potentially giving a player with the right resources a significant advantage in skirmishes and raids.

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Workbench Level
Incendiary Pistol Bullet
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1–3 sec
Gun Powder
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0.5–2 sec

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Incendiary Pistol Bullet Blueprint

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