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Large Medkit

Large Medkit

The Large Medkit is a crucial item in Rust, designed for medical emergencies and player health restoration. Upon use, it immediately stops bleeding, provides 10 instant health, and then continues to heal the player to full health over a short duration. The use of the Large Medkit is straightforward: you can either select it in your inventory and click the 'Use' button or drag it onto your toolbar and use it by pressing the corresponding number key. This item is unique as there is no use animation, enabling players to halt bleeding instantly without delay.

Additionally, the Large Medkit holds the life-saving ability to revive players with a 100% chance when downed, as long as the item was placed in the toolbar prior to entering the Wounded state. However, the likelihood of a successful self-revival may be further influenced by the player's Hunger and Hydration levels. Being well-nourished and hydrated adds up to a 40% revival chance bonus, maximizing the potential to recover from a critical situation. Hence, keeping the Large Medkit in your toolbar along with maintaining optimal hunger and hydration levels can greatly enhance survival in the unforgiving world of Rust.

Knowing the right moment to deploy a Large Medkit can be the difference between life and death. As a tip, it's best to save this precious item for dire circumstances when immediate health restoration or revival is necessary, as its effects are most significant then. Always ensure to replenish your stock and manage your resources effectively to stay combat-ready at all times.

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Workbench Level
Large Medkit
Large Medkit Blueprint
7–15 sec
5–10 sec
Low Grade Fuel
Known by Default
1–5 sec

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