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Satchel Charge

Satchel Charge

The Satchel Charge is an explosive device in the survival game Rust, designed primarily for raiding purposes. It is used to breach and dismantle player-constructed structures, enabling attackers to infiltrate and plunder resources from other players' bases. This item is particularly effective during the mid-game phase when stronger defensive measures start to appear.

Once placed on a target structure, the Satchel Charge is armed and initiates an unpredictable countdown to detonation. It's essential to be aware that its fuse timer is random, meaning it can explode immediately or take several seconds. This unpredictability adds an element of risk for the user. Furthermore, the Satchel Charge has a known propensity to malfunction, indicated by a fizzling sound rather than an explosion. In such cases, users must approach with caution to pick up and rearm the device, keeping in mind that it might unexpectedly re-ignite with a very short fuse upon reactivation, potentially causing injury or death.

For successful raiding, players often use multiple Satchel Charges to ensure the destruction of target structures. Considering its volatile nature, strategic placement and a quick escape plan are advised to minimize risks associated with its use. Due to its potential to malfunction, the user should always be prepared for the possibility of a dud and have a safe strategy for rearming if necessary.

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Workbench Level
Satchel Charge
Satchel Charge Blueprint
1–5 sec
2–10 sec
Small Stash
Known by Default
3–15 sec
Gun Powder
Known by Default
0.5–2 sec

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Satchel Charge Blueprint

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