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Dive Master

Dive Master

The Dive Master in Rust is a specialized NPC found within the Fishing Village. This character plays a key role in aquatic exploration and resource gathering, offering items necessary for diving and underwater adventures. Players seeking to explore oceanic depths or harvest underwater materials will consider the Dive Master essential for purchasing diving equipment such as tanks, wetsuits, fins, and goggles. With these items, players can stay submerged for extended periods, allowing them to access sunken treasures, shipwrecks, and underwater labs.

When interacting with the Dive Master, players can also sell items they have gathered from the ocean floor, including but not limited to scrap, components, and raw materials. This offers a unique economic opportunity for players to monetize their diving efforts. By highlighting the Dive Master's functionality and importance for underwater endeavors, your gaming experience in Rust will be more immersive and lucrative, as it opens up a whole new frontier of gameplay possibilities beyond land-based survival.

Additional tips for engaging with the Dive Master include checking your inventory space before diving, as you will need ample room to collect items. It's also advisable to be wary of other players and dangers lurking in the ocean, such as hostile underwater creatures or environmental hazards. Proper preparation and awareness when dealing with the Dive Master and embarking on aquatic quests will greatly enhance your success and survival in the treacherous yet rewarding waters of Rust.

Dive Master Missions

Shark Hunt
Kill the sharks threatening divers near the island.
Underwater Bounty
Kill the sharks threatening divers near the island.

Dive Master Content

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