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Extended Magazine

Extended Magazine

The Extended Magazine is a pivotal attachment in the game Rust, greatly enhancing the ammunition capacity of specific firearms. This item expands the magazine size, allowing players to shoot more rounds before needing to reload. Perfect for intense firefights and increasing your gun's staying power in battle, the Extended Magazine is a must-have for players looking to gain a tactical advantage.

To use the Extended Magazine effectively, simply attach it to a compatible weapon, and you will instantly benefit from the increased magazine capacity. This is especially useful for weapons that frequently burn through ammo or in scenarios where you face multiple opponents and can't afford the time to reload. Keep in mind that while the Extended Magazine allows for more bullets to be fired without a pause, it does slightly increase the time it takes to reload your weapon due to the additional ammunition.

Players should prioritize acquiring the Extended Magazine if they engage in prolonged encounters or need the extra firepower without the disruption of frequent reloads. It's critical to strike a balance between the added weight and size of the magazine against the tactical improvements it provides. By carrying an Extended Magazine, you ensure that you can keep the pressure on your enemies and remain a formidable force in Rust's unforgiving landscape.

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Workbench Level
Extended Magazine
Extended Magazine Blueprint
15–30 sec

Extended Magazine Blueprint

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