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Garry's Mod Tool Gun

Garry's Mod Tool Gun

The Garry's Mod Tool Gun in Rust is an exclusive item that serves multiple purposes. It functions similarly to the standard Hammer found in-game, but with some notable enhancements. The Tool Gun boasts a greater range than the Hammer, allowing players to interact with structures from a further distance. Additionally, it has the ability to repair damaged structures more quickly, making it a highly sought-after tool for base maintenance and defense.

To acquire the Garry's Mod Tool Gun, players must own and play Garry's Mod on their Steam account for a minimum of 30 minutes. This requirement makes the Tool Gun a unique crossover item, linking the two popular games by Facepunch Studios. Once the playtime condition is met, the tool becomes available in Rust, offering a distinctive advantage to those who have invested time in both games.

Apart from its functional benefits, the Tool Gun also stands out aesthetically with a unique design that sets it apart from other in-game tools. Players seeking efficiency in construction and repair tasks will find the Garry's Mod Tool Gun an invaluable addition to their Rust gameplay experience. However, it's important to note that this item is a reward for Garry's Mod players, so it cannot be found naturally in Rust or crafted like other items.

Craft Garry's Mod Tool Gun

Workbench Level
Garry's Mod Tool Gun Blueprint
Steam item
3–15 sec

Garry's Mod Tool Gun Upgrades

Garry's Mod Tool Gun Repairs

Max Repair Cost
Armored Doorway
Armored Floor
Armored Floor Frame
Armored Floor Triangle
Armored Floor Triangle Frame
Armored Foundation
Armored Half Wall
Armored Low Wall
Armored Ramp
Armored Roof
Armored Roof Triangle
Armored Stairs L Shape
Armored Stairs Spiral
Armored Stairs Spiral Triangle
Armored Steps
Armored Triangle Foundation
Armored U Shaped Stairs
Armored Wall
Armored Wall Frame
Armored Window
Tech Trash
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
Tech Trash
Metal Doorway
Metal Floor
Metal Floor Frame
Metal Floor Triangle
Metal Floor Triangle Frame
Metal Foundation
Metal Half Wall
Metal Low Wall
Metal Ramp
Metal Roof
Metal Roof Triangle
Metal Stairs L Shape
Metal Stairs Spiral
Metal Stairs Spiral Triangle
Metal Steps
Metal Triangle Foundation
Metal U Shaped Stairs
Metal Wall
Metal Wall Frame
Metal Window
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
Stone Doorway
Stone Floor
Stone Floor Frame
Stone Floor Triangle
Stone Floor Triangle Frame
Stone Foundation
Stone Half Wall
Stone Low Wall
Stone Ramp
Stone Roof
Stone Roof Triangle
Stone Stairs L Shape
Stone Stairs Spiral
Stone Stairs Spiral Triangle
Stone Steps
Stone Triangle Foundation
Stone U Shaped Stairs
Stone Wall
Stone Wall Frame
Stone Window
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
Twig Doorway
Twig Floor
Twig Floor Frame
Twig Floor Triangle
Twig Floor Triangle Frame
Twig Foundation
Twig Half Wall
Twig Low Wall
Twig Ramp
Twig Roof
Twig Roof Triangle
Twig Stairs L Shape
Twig Stairs Spiral
Twig Stairs Spiral Triangle
Twig Steps
Twig Triangle Foundation
Twig U Shaped Stairs
Twig Wall
Twig Wall Frame
Twig Window
Wooden Doorway
Wooden Floor
Wooden Floor Frame
Wooden Floor Triangle
Wooden Floor Triangle Frame
Wooden Foundation
Wooden Half Wall
Wooden Low Wall
Wooden Ramp
Wooden Roof
Wooden Roof Triangle
Wooden Stairs L Shape
Wooden Stairs Spiral
Wooden Stairs Spiral Triangle
Wooden Steps
Wooden Triangle Foundation
Wooden U Shaped Stairs
Wooden Wall
Wooden Wall Frame
Wooden Window

Recycle Garry's Mod Tool Gun