The Hammer in Rust is an essential tool used by players to interact with their constructions. Its primary functions include rotating, repairing, and upgrading structural components such as walls, floors, and other building parts. It is a fundamental item for base construction and maintenance, allowing for quick modifications to your fortress.

Beyond construction, the Hammer also plays a critical role in base management. Players can utilize it to pick up certain deployable items like chests or sleeping bags, granting the flexibility to redesign or relocate essential objects within your base. Its versatility makes the Hammer a must-have tool for any survivor looking to establish and secure a foothold in Rust's unforgiving world.

When wielding the Hammer, players will find an interactive menu that surfaces when aiming at a building piece. This menu presents options to upgrade materials from wood to stone, to sheet metal, or to armored depending on available resources. It’s important to note that upgrading buildings increases their durability and resistance against attacks from other players or NPCs. In terms of repair, the Hammer allows for a quick fix to damaged structures provided you have the necessary materials on hand.

Since the Hammer has such a critical role in both constructing and maintaining bases, it is advised to always keep one in your inventory. Remember to secure your Hammer and other essential tools, as losing these can leave you vulnerable during base construction or when facing sudden assaults.

Craft Hammer

Workbench Level
Hammer Blueprint
Known by Default
3–15 sec

Hammer Blueprint

Scrap Total

Hammer Upgrades

Hammer Repairs

Max Repair Cost
Armored Doorway
Armored Floor
Armored Floor Frame
Armored Floor Triangle
Armored Floor Triangle Frame
Armored Foundation
Armored Half Wall
Armored Low Wall
Armored Ramp
Armored Roof
Armored Roof Triangle
Armored Stairs L Shape
Armored Stairs Spiral
Armored Stairs Spiral Triangle
Armored Steps
Armored Triangle Foundation
Armored U Shaped Stairs
Armored Wall
Armored Wall Frame
Armored Window
Tech Trash
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
Tech Trash
Metal Doorway
Metal Floor
Metal Floor Frame
Metal Floor Triangle
Metal Floor Triangle Frame
Metal Foundation
Metal Half Wall
Metal Low Wall
Metal Ramp
Metal Roof
Metal Roof Triangle
Metal Stairs L Shape
Metal Stairs Spiral
Metal Stairs Spiral Triangle
Metal Steps
Metal Triangle Foundation
Metal U Shaped Stairs
Metal Wall
Metal Wall Frame
Metal Window
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
Stone Doorway
Stone Floor
Stone Floor Frame
Stone Floor Triangle
Stone Floor Triangle Frame
Stone Foundation
Stone Half Wall
Stone Low Wall
Stone Ramp
Stone Roof
Stone Roof Triangle
Stone Stairs L Shape
Stone Stairs Spiral
Stone Stairs Spiral Triangle
Stone Steps
Stone Triangle Foundation
Stone U Shaped Stairs
Stone Wall
Stone Wall Frame
Stone Window
High Quality Metal
High Quality Metal
Twig Doorway
Twig Floor
Twig Floor Frame
Twig Floor Triangle
Twig Floor Triangle Frame
Twig Foundation
Twig Half Wall
Twig Low Wall
Twig Ramp
Twig Roof
Twig Roof Triangle
Twig Stairs L Shape
Twig Stairs Spiral
Twig Stairs Spiral Triangle
Twig Steps
Twig Triangle Foundation
Twig U Shaped Stairs
Twig Wall
Twig Wall Frame
Twig Window
Wooden Doorway
Wooden Floor
Wooden Floor Frame
Wooden Floor Triangle
Wooden Floor Triangle Frame
Wooden Foundation
Wooden Half Wall
Wooden Low Wall
Wooden Ramp
Wooden Roof
Wooden Roof Triangle
Wooden Stairs L Shape
Wooden Stairs Spiral
Wooden Stairs Spiral Triangle
Wooden Steps
Wooden Triangle Foundation
Wooden U Shaped Stairs
Wooden Wall
Wooden Wall Frame
Wooden Window

Recycle Hammer


Hammer Skins